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LSU fell five spots to No. 24 in the latest College Football Rankings aftert Saturday's loss to Alabama.

1. Georgia
2. Alabama
3. Notre Dame
4. Clemson

5. Oklahoma
6. TCU
7. Miami
8. Wisconsin
9. Washington
10. Auburn
11. USC
12. Michigan State
13. Ohio State
14. Penn State
15. Oklahoma State
16. Mississippi State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Central Florida
19. Washington State
20. Iowa
21. Iowa State
22. Memphis
23. North Carolina State
24. LSU
25. Northwestern

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SomeLSUguy75 months
I see two teams on that list that i would not like our odds of beating... gumps and georgia. Other than that, we could beat any team on that list... with emphasis on the word could
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Lexman175 months
The polls have little meaning to us now. Just take care of business the next three weeks and get a decent bowl game and win it convincingly for all potential recruits to see. That’s what it’s all about! A solid recruiting class can make all the difference next season. Just ask the Saints how their recent draft has impacted their team! As for Auburn, they will lose to Georgia this weekend and Alabama in the Iron Bowl, so don’t get all riled up about their lofty ranking. It will be short lived.
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Vastmind75 months
I see Auburn beating number one and two.
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Skooter75 months
user avatar
tigersquad8975 months
Put the crack pipe down
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Lexman175 months
I suggest a trip to the optometrist!
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luciouslou75 months
there is ten teams in there we can beat, if not more
user avatar
Bayou_Tiger_22575 months
There are*
user avatar
CSATiger75 months
one already beat
user avatar
luciouslou75 months
Bayou tiger .. you must be an english professor
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