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During his press conference on Monday, head coach Brian Kelly gave his best sales pitch to have LSU fans show up and pack Tiger Stadium on Saturday for the early morning kickoff vs. No. 8 Tennessee.

"A great challenge for our group. One that we're looking forward to. 11:00 a.m. start, so get there early."

"Look, I mean, I would like to be the cheerleader here and say, hey, come out early and get going, but look, it's Tiger Stadium, it's LSU football. If you are not excited for that, I don't know what gets you going in October."

"There's time to do other things, but LSU playing Tennessee in Tiger Stadium, tell me what else is better to do? This is an awesome opportunity."

"Please come out and support your LSU Tigers. PSA announcement was pretty good, wasn't it? It was pretty good. Thank you very much."
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Vernonbrew2217 months
No way around it. You must show up early and park courageously. Go Tigers
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ZenFNmaster17 months
Someone sell me their ticket. I'll show up early, stay all 4 quarters, and scream the entire time =)
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DeafVallyBatnR17 months
I got an idea. New LSU tradition. Show up by Halftime of early games.
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CaliTigerHB17 months
That’s exactly what I’ve always thought. Like what do you have better going on than to see LSU play in tiger stadium. Some of my favorite memories when I was younger weee days spent in the pantheon of college football
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BLD17 months
The start up crowd is always great, needs a PSA at halftime.
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He will learn that he doesn't even have to ask for that
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KAGTASTIC17 months
Yeah what I was thinking. Sounds like he still has no clue how the lsu/SEC fan work. UT brings out the fans...especially the undefeated top 10 version of the vawls. Sad part is he'll give his plea credit for a rockin Tiger Stadium.
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Nix to Twillie17 months
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