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During his appearance on ESPN's "First Take" Monday, LSU coach Les Miles has a good answer when he was asked if him and Alabama coach Nick Saban are friends? Per The Advocate:

In his appearance on ESPN’s “First Take,” Miles was asked if he considers him and Saban “friends.”

“I would not say friends but I would not say enemies,” he said.

Miles said he gets along with Saban “very well” and called him a “very quality coach.”
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oleheat104 months
Les is a class guy. Even though he could have, he didn't sell Saban short.
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SmackDaniels104 months
Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm on a Bama message board. I swear you can't tell the difference between the two by reading the comments. LSU fans shite on their own program more than any other school. Congrats, a lot of you sound like gumps.
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dandan104 months
To be true enemies they need to be relative equals. Miles and Saban have not been close to equals since 1/9/12.
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DeweysCox104 months
Datbayou..... Down vote for turrible grammar.
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STRIPES104 months
The pants Saban wears are purchased in the boys department so I am sure most grown men can't wear them.
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Datbayoubengal104 months
Their not friends, not enemies, but friendenemies
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Navytiger74104 months
I doubt there's much love lost between the two, but I'm sure they get on well enough. They're two 60 year-old professionals with a lot to be happy about.
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DoubleDown104 months
We all know who wears the pants in that relationship.
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NorthshoreTiger76104 months
He's more than a quality coach Leslie
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Grit-Eating Shin104 months
"I wouldn't say 'friends', but I also wouldn't say that I could stand the little prick."
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