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LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings spoke with the media on Monday afternoon and talked about facing the Texas A&M Aggies on Thanksgiving night:

"I think we're going to take shots on them." Jennings said. "I think we are going to run the ball, play action, a lot of things that we usually do in our offense. If we come out and execute our game-plan, we'll be fine."
Here is more of what Jennings had to say:


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Execute our game plan??????...Run left, run right, then on 3rd and 8, roll out for the sack, punt and repeat...The defense gets worn down and before you know it, we are executed. Discipline is lacking and it shows on the field. Anthony should have said, "we are still young and dumb, but are going to try and play hard and not make mistakes." A&M will be taking shots at Anthony. If I were them, I would...
Reply80 months
you people are miserable. why would we want our QB to be confident in our gameplan and believing that we can take shots down field....

Reply80 months
Good Lord. I mean cmon AJ. You seem like an OK guy but a bit of introspection would probably be helpful here. If you've sucked arse for 11 straight games, you might consider restricting your comments about how "fine" you'll be and "shots" you'll be taking. We'll just be thrilled if you manage to complete 50+% of your passes. Can we start with THAT goal please?
Reply80 months
i'm going to be taking shots too anthony... of jameson whiskey
Reply80 months
Does "taking shots" mean run on 1st and 2nd then desperately throw it away on 3rd?
Reply80 months
lol@him getting the start. That incredible 100 yard offensive outting last game was enough to cement AJ with the start? Bwhahahahahhahahaha
Reply80 months
"a lot of things that we usually do in our offense"

well frick.
Reply80 months
The "run backwards 15 yards and get sacked" play is very effective as well.
Reply80 months
Sureeeeeee... Keep telling yourself that, Anthony
Reply80 months
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