National signing day is tomorrow and everyone is getting in on the action. Earlier today, former LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson Tweeted about NSD, and now former running back Jacob Hester sent this Tweet out:

Jacob Hester @JacobHester22
Everybody will want to get nothing but 5 [star] kids tomorrow. Remember the 2 & 3 [star] kids will fight to prove you wrong. Trust me, I was a 2 [star]
Hester was listed as Two-star fullback out Shreveport, LA (Evangel Christian) back in 2003.

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TigerMaxFan121 months
For work, I had to move to south Florida, then eventually moved to north Florida around all of the Gator and Noles fans. Jacob Hester was one Tiger they always talked about as he always gave 110%. They were all shocked when I explained he was a two star recruit. Not overly big or the best talent, but he got the job done when needed.
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Ring That Beall121 months
HESTER My all-Time Fav LSU Player...The Boomster!!!
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TutHillTiger121 months
You can win a National Championship without lots of 3 stars overachieving
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Hester is the exception, not the rule. Gimme 4 stars all day, they've got talent and still something to prove.
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maringer11121 months
he was listed as a fb they dont usually get more than 2 stars anyway.
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Carolinacajun121 months
While working in North Carolina a fellow worker,a Michigan fan, told me" I like LSU because of that dude Jacob Hester. He knocks the numbers of people's Jerseys." I don't think I was ever prouder of an LSU player.
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Statsattack121 months
Shocked bielma hasn't retweeted this yet
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skullopener121 months
In with THIS!!!!
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