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Higgins is an idiot to keep asking why Eason doesn’t start. To quote Crash Davis in Bull Durham: “I told him a player on a streak has to respect the streak.”
Reply16 days
Meh, I humbly disagree. Anybody watching this team knows Eason should be starting. For Wade to simply say we started the season this way and we're not changing is incredibly stupid. I can ride with Wade saying "We decided to bring Eason off the bench because we like the spark he gives our team" or anything along that line. However, everyone watching this team knows Eason makes this team go and is probably the best player on this team. Again, there's a severe drop-off with the rest of the bench so I'm not overly concerned with Eason being the 6th man. He gets as many minutes as the starters so it's ok right now. As the season progresses I have no doubt Eason will move to a starting role. LSU can't keep getting off to poor starts against better teams and bringing Eason in later.
15 days
SWW is gonna have a discussion with him if he hasn’t already by calling out the issues with the PMAC.
Reply16 days
Is that what he told you?
16 days
frick Woodward. I'd take Wade over him every day.
15 days
This man needs to stay here and be LSU's Coach K. Wade is an amazing coach and will be better if he's able to get a gym similar to Auburn's. Put the students on the sidelines!
Reply16 days
It’ll be solved by simply putting the students behind the benches and on TV. Switch sides.
15 days
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