Record last week: (2-0)
LSU 87, Southern Miss 67
LSU 75, Savannah St 59

Streak: 8 wins in a row (Best of Johnny Jones Era)

Top performer: Jarell Martin had a huge week. In two games of action he scored 24 and 26 points and totaled 17 rebounds. He added 7 assists for good measure. He played in all but 13 minutes last week to help LSU complete a two game sweep.

Cause for Concern: Against a severely undersized Savannah St, LSU was only able to muster up 8 free throw attempts. On the year, LSU is near the bottom of the NCAA in free throw attempts per field goal attempt. The Tigers have done a great job hitting over 73% of their free throws, but they haven't been able to get to the free throw line enough to make a serious difference.

Top Team Stat of Week: On the week, LSU had 47 assists and only 31 turnovers. Coming into the week, LSU had 4 more assists than turnovers and they leave the week with 20 more assists than turnovers.

Rankings and Standings: AP Poll (29), Coaches Poll (37), CBS RPI (36), ESPN RPI (35), BPI (37), KenPom (55), tournament chances (77%)

Breaking the trend: After 5 straight games scoring over 10 points per game, Keith Hornsby was held scoreless against Savannah St after getting into early foul trouble. Hornsby has scored 10+ in 9 of LSU's 13 games.

Best game by a non Big5 player: Against Southern Miss, Jalyn Patterson scored 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and a 2:1 ast:to.

LSU Opponent who made noise: Old Dominion is now 12-1 and will likely be the favorite in every game remaining on their schedule. They beat a very good Charlotte team on the road to start their Conference USA schedule.

Interesting Stat of the Week: Jarell Martin started the year 1/19 from beyond the three point arc. Since the start, he has hit 7 of his last 9 from deep. He went 2/3 on the week.

LSU Scorers this week:
Jarell Martin 50
Jordan Mickey 38
Tim Quarterman 25
Jalyn Patterson 12
Keith Hornsby 10
Brian Bridgewater 10
Josh Gray 8
Aaron Epps 7
Darcy Malone 2

LSU Rebounders this week:
Jordan Mickey 24
Jarell Martin 17
Tim Quarterman 16
Jalyn Patterson 6
Josh Gray 4
Keith Hornsby 3
Aaron Epps 3
Brian Bridgewater 3
John Odo 3
Elbert Robinson 1

LSU Assists/TO this week:
Josh Gray 12:6
Tim Quarterman 10:4
Jarell Martin 7:6
Jalyn Patterson 6:1
Jordan Mickey 4:9
Keith Hornsby 3:2
Aaron Epps 2:0
Darcy Malone 1:0
Brian Bridgewater 1:1
John Odo 0:1
Elbert Robinson 0:1

SEC Standings:
Kentucky 13-0
LSU 11-2
Arkansas 11-2
Alabama 10-3
Vanderbilt 10-3
Texas A&M 9-3
Georgia 9-3
South Carolina 9-3
Ole Miss 9-4
Tennessee 8-4
Auburn 8-5
Florida 7-6
Miss St 7-6
Missouri 6-7

Biggest SEC win of week: South Carolina 64 vs #9 Iowa St 60 - South Carolina has quietly put together a very good OOC record. They have wins over Oklahoma St, Clemson, and Iowa State.

Worst SEC defeat of week: Mississippi St lost to McNeese St 66-47 at home this past week. The Bulldogs only had 6 assists all game. Honorable Mention: Florida loses 65-63 to (8-6) Florida St. Florida St then lost to Mississippi St....

Recruiting News: LSU added another great piece to next year's team when 5 star SG recruit Antonio Blakeney committed to the Tigers on Friday afternoon. With Blakeney and Simmons in the 2015 recruiting class, LSU seems primed to make a big run next year.
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This team is just flat out good. Raw, young but the ceiling is still way above where they are. I'm excited for the future.
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