Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports unveiled their latest NCAA postseason projections on Tuesday and put LSU as one of the first five team out of the Field of 64.

LSU is currently 26-19, 10-11 in the SEC and went 8-8 during the month of April.

As always, this is a projection: we’re not trying to illustrate what the field would look like if the season ended today. We’re still looking ahead, taking into account remaining schedules and our evaluations of the talent of the contenders, in addition to their bodies of work, of course.

Last Five In: Louisville, Mississippi State, Baylor, Iowa, Missouri State

First Five Out: LSU, Wichita State, Troy, FGCU, South Alabama The postseason projections are compiled by D1Baseball experts Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and Mark Etheridge.
You can see the complete projections here.

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JackieTreehorn70 months
We Comin'........home.
user avatar
TGK4LSU70 months
Smoke was fired for missing the NCAA tournament once. This would be PM's third failure to make the NCAA Tournament. Aleva will probably give him a raise
user avatar
emanresu70 months
Damn shame they fired Smoke for missing the tourney just one year after he went to the finals.
user avatar
Rabbs and QStick70 months
@emanresu It may have not been 1 year after reaching finals but was 2 years removed from his 2nd straight trip to Omaha. I'm not advocate for Smoke because that was dark time in LSU baseball, but to act like they didn't accomplish anything 2 years prior with Smoke is a joke as well.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger70 months
We still have a shot to get in. Don't write this team off.
user avatar
tigerbite270 months
Its ok..we got problems hitting, pitching, and coaching..Its a short list.. The last OleMiss loss was a joke COACH!!! No excuses, the TIGERS deserve better. Don't give up Coach, get your head out of your A$$..
user avatar
TDFreak70 months
Too much Smoke will give you a Paulmanieri!
user avatar
LSUperior70 months
Good Ole Boys network is in full effect at LSU and most fans have been brainwashed to accept mediocrity. It starts at the very top with John "Bobby Boucher" Bel Edwards, then trickles down to Fking, Uncle Joe, and Special Ed. Time to clean house and give the a walk of atonement straight out of town!
user avatar
GoneFishing2170 months
First year trying to follow LSU baseball?
user avatar
Revelator70 months
Some people have short memories. The LSU baseball team was in the finals of the college World Series just last year!
user avatar
TigerIT70 months
Nation Champions every year or #bust #mediocrity #darktimes!!! Amirite?
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