This video was released on Wednesday of a police car chase that happened in June of 2014 in Moorhead, Minnesota. The police chased the suspect onto a golf course where golfers were playing...

Via WDAZ: Now, the Moorhead Police Department has released dashboard camera video showing the officers’ perspective of the chase, which grabbed national media attention. The video, requested by The Forum months ago, was released Wednesday because the Clay County Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute the fleeing driver, Kendall Feist, after a federal judge sentenced him to 11 years in prison earlier this month, Moorhead police said.

The chase led to discipline against three officers involved in the pursuit and their supervisor.
Jump to about the 3:45 mark...

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BoudreauxinGA102 months
The perp is the problem. Anyone who endangers the public by running at high speed from the law deserves to be tazed or shot at the end of the chase.
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HailFreezusOver102 months
Want the frick was that cop thinking ? Endangering people on the golf course? What a dumb frick.

The destruction of that golf course as well, hope the course sues . More taxpayer money because of this dumb frick
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Cheese Grits102 months
Was Bill Murray sighted anywhere in the chase?
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Corch Urban Myers102 months
Those S.O.B.'s drove right across my lie!
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RouxDog91102 months
I used to do this on Grand Theft Auto... They still haven't caught me.
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