Houston Rockets point guard Fred VanVleet landed himself a three-year, fully-guaranteed $128.34 million deal, putting him among the highest paid players in the NBA in terms of yearly salary. Crazy, right? Here's more insane perspective...
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CDawson13 months
But Tiger is a 2X billionaire somehow.
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Deplorable Duke13 months
Fred VanFleet
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DeafVallyBatnR13 months
And you guys wonder why PGA guys went to LIV.
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Bige1113 months
I wouldn’t get into comparing bank accounts though Fred. Tiger has made money a lot of other ways. He’s lost more due to bad decisions than that.
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Billy Mays13 months
It's all relative.

Tiger was in his prime 10-15 years ago when purses were smaller, and even still to this day professional golf is a niche sport by comparison to NBA/MLB/NBA, so it makes sense.

Nice "engagement bait" by Klye Porter tho!
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grizzlylongcut13 months
NBA contracts are fricking stupid.
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nascar9913 months
Totally f__king stupid and ridiculous.
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Sterling Archer13 months
Not relative to the revenue they bring in
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lsusteve113 months
Wonder how it's sustainable, honestly. The product is "meh"
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