Things got heated on this morning's First Take between Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams as they discussed the blockbuster Kyrie Irving trade that went down on Sunday...
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Vanilla Ice16 months
Two great minds of our times clash over matters of global importance
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NC_Tigah16 months
One of those two minds is brighter by a degree of magnitude than the other. SAS may be drawing the paycheck, but he wouldn't want a head-to-head (pun intended) intellectual comparison.
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Magnus16 months
one topic u don't want to argue against stephen a is nba
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Kracka16 months
Jay Williams is pro-black and pro-player. He is more often than no acting petulant as frick when he's on TV. And anytime anyone talks bad about a player, he gets in his feelings. Of course says they are only going after players hard because they are black. And if it's black on black, he is always the first to criticize that they are going in on their own.
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jsmoove16 months
Jay Williams is a great person. Watch as he explains it to you in ways that show he thinks like a 15 year old girl 24/7.
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ATLTiger16 months
Tim Legler’s face lol….
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BowDownToLSU16 months
Jay looked like he wanted to rip SA a new a-hole
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TigerLord202016 months
Or lick it
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