I didn't know darts could be so physical. Lesson learned: just shake hands, I guess...
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Former World Darts Championship qualifier Boris Koltsov was at the centre of incredible scenes following a darts match in his native Russia.

Footage has emerged on social media of Koltsov, who played at the last edition of the Alexandra Palace showpiece, appearing to start a fight with an opponent. Koltsov reportedly won the match in question but that didn’t stop him laying into the opponent, with multiple punches thrown.

The dust-up reportedly occurred after the opponent, a member of the Novgorod team, refused to shake Koltsov’s hand and insulted his team after the match. Darts fans were left shocked by the footage, with one tweeting: “Boris Koltsov woke up and actually chose violence.”
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LesnarF520 months
DARTS! lol
user avatar
Jdixon20 months
Dart champions should have to play the cornhole champions.
user avatar
Eli Goldfinger20 months
This is a disappointment.
user avatar
NPComb20 months
Soy boy got out-testosteroned twice.
user avatar
Tiger in Co20 months
Really good god pull your head out everybody thinks there some big bad arse
user avatar
TFH20 months
Really. Good God. Pull your head out(of your arse). Everyone thinks they are some big badass.
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StupidBinder20 months
In mother Russia, we say, “shake the hand or catch the hands”
user avatar
MoarKilometers20 months
Nate Oats approves.
user avatar
Jyrdis20 months
That one dude squares up like a 1920s boxer.
user avatar
BlueRunner20 months
You can tell dude is a hipster.
user avatar
lsusteve120 months
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