25-year old pro skier Angel Collinson had this 1,000-foot nasty fall while skiing at the Neacola Range in Alaska last spring. She some how managed to survive with barely any injuries...

She said per TDM...

“I was worried about my neck, head and face so tried to cover them with my arms,” “I got really lucky. I jammed two fingers and that was it. I lost everything out of my pack, but other than that I was totally fine.”
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Jaydeaux97 months
Doesn't say a word during the fall lol. At least yell yard sale lol
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Honest Tune97 months
That's one way to powder your nose
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saint tiger22597 months
She's got more guts than most guys in this country now.
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McLemore97 months
Balls of steel: "I can go back up and get my shite too."
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auzach9197 months
Good lord. That's insane
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