After going 0-2 Notre Dame coach Kelly has started working the BCS committee by ripping Ohio State's schedule. Kelly told the Chicago Sun-times...

“We’ve made so many mistakes against two pretty tough teams coming out,”...“Again, as you see the schedule, Ohio State is playing Toledo. I mean, teams are playing easy games early on in the schedule. We don’t get that luxury. We have to go play in front of 115,000 [at Michigan Stadium]. Those mistakes are more glaring against opponents that are physically pretty good, as well."
Only two games in and this guy is making excuses. Notre Dame Whining Irish, anyone? Has he seen an SEC schedule?
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La Place Mike149 months
"Has he seen an SEC schedule?" To be fair, he didn't call out an SEC team.
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moonlightgraham149 months
What will he be saying after losing to any of the military academies again?
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10888bge149 months
whining! what do you expect from Notre " i haven't done squat in the past 20 years" dame
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CostaRicaTiger149 months
He should have stayed at Cincy where he could schedule Toledo.
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Larry Leo149 months
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foshizzle149 months
>>Notre Dame Wining Irish

Wining? Or whining? Or winning? :confused:
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