Ohio State's Urban Meyer is allowing Luke Fickell to make the defensive calls in 2012 and have defensive coordinator in his title, BUT he may not be flying solo. Meyer told WBNS in Columbus...

"Fickell will have the [coordinator] title. It might be 'co,' it might not, but at the end of the day, he'll be calling the defense."
I know it's common for "co" positions, but either give him the gig or not.
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reed morton146 months
Fickel did well under the circumstances as OSU. But a new coach calls the shots. At least he has a job next year. I wish him well - or -he'll be gone
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tigergym146 months
Yeah, he's earned the respect. Took over a difficult situation.
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otowntiger146 months
Yeah that's kinda sucky of Meyer to do that to him, but hey, he still has a job, of sorts.
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