I was a huge fan of the show Jackass. So I love that Johnny Knoxville is back doing Jackass-like things again, however, the dude has destroyed his body over the years on the gig. Here he is breaking down every single one of those injuries...

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Mrtommorrow198773 months
He will be a good case study for the future
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DeafVallyBatnR73 months
I partied with Bam's mom and Dad and Johnny's cousin who sings and the Fat Uncle who go kicked off the show the opening Weekend of JackAss at Bud's Sports Bar in Chattanooga Tn.
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Horsemeat73 months
I still keep the Jackass theme as the ringtone on my phone.
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bengalman73 months
Officially a Jackass!
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GoRuckTiger73 months
I think I've seen all the Jackass and Wild Boyz shows and movies. They left out a lot of his injuries in that timeline. I'm amazed he can still talk with as many times he's been knocked out. Probably going to be really sad for his family when he gets older. God bless him though. He's made me laugh too many times to remember.
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I watched the entire thing. Good video. Currently rewatching Wildboyz.
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SECdragonmaster73 months
10 minute video? Too long. I could jerk off 2 times to Hope Beel videos in that same time frame. Who am I kidding, I could do it 20 times.
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