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Food competition legend Joey Chestnut is back and stuffing his face again, this time with boneless wings...

The face-stuffing event went down Wednesday night just outside of Atlanta at the Infinite Energy Center, where the Fan Controlled Football league hosted its first-ever eating event.

37-year-old Chestnut -- the greatest eater of all-time -- was matched up against four teams of two ... which included squads featuring hungry-arse linemen.

Chestnut, though, was able to pound down more chicken by himself than every other team ... plowing through 33 wings in the allotted 1.5 minutes.
Click the tweet above for the full video.
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user avatar
CanebreakCajun35 months
How do these guys not get perforations?
user avatar
OSoBad35 months
I can't watch those guys eat, something about it is disgusting.
user avatar
TOSOV35 months
Aren't "boneless wings" just big chicken nuggets?
user avatar
wadewilson35 months
Yeah. And?
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