At first it looks like your average shark, until the cage gives it scale and completely gives you nightmares...

Per YouTube...

While diving off the coast of Mexico in 2013, videographer Mauricio encountered what he told Storyful is "the largest white shark ever seen". The pregnant female giant, named 'Deep Blue', was over six metres in length and perhaps about fifty years old at the time of recording.
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Foolish cock104 months
50 and pregnant... Gross
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crazyLSUfan104 months
Germans as frick, Larry.
user avatar
Nix to Twillie104 months
"25', 3 tons on 'em"

St. Pete, just have to give you props for that reference. Not too long ago I posted on the movie/TV board that the first barrell chase from JAWS is my favorite scene in any movie ever. Makes me want to watch it right now.
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LSUtigers111104 months
German shark I hear
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St. Pete Tiger104 months
25', 3 tons on 'em
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Hugo Stiglitz104 months
"We're gonna need a bigger cage."
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Akit1104 months
Hey fatty I got a movie for ya! A fridge too far!
user avatar
lsuson104 months
That thing was huge
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