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TigerCoon64 months
My Dad would have let us get run over to teach us to not walk up a sledding hill.
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RocketTiger64 months
Screwed up headline from Larry as usual. I'm dizzy reading that thing.
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TennesseeFan2564 months
ZERO COLLUSION, NONE! Oh.. uh, collision..
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clamdip64 months
I'm pretty sure they would have been fine. The kid was riding an inflatable polar bear float, not a razor-edged steel sled of death.
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MaHittaMaHitta64 months
The headline gave me a concussion
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A. Dixon Your Face64 months
WTF is going on with this headline, Larry?
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barry64 months
good to know the kid on the right is his favorite.
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His kid on the left still took a pretty good head collision from the one-handed pile-drive.
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GregMaddux64 months
Slow motion videos annoy me
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Fightin Okra64 months
Just need the Bionic Man sound effects when he jumps. Awesome save
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