Check out Liberty Christian Academy’s (La.) Caleb LeDoux execute this bounce pass alley-oop in a win over Vermillion Catholic...

I'm sure the coach just loved that.
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If he's winning by 50 and pressing that's not "the way the system works today" that is poor sportsmanship. Basketball seems to be infested with this nonsense. Teaching highschool kids how to be showboating front runners isn't a life lesson I want my son taught by a grown man he looks up to....nor does it prepare them for life in the real world.
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I heard Coach Starks attached a note with the 8 large cheese pizzas that read "I would have included a few pepperonis, but those are reserved for winners.
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Coach Starks had pizza sent to our school today for the basketball team as a "thank you for being good sportmen and talking to us and congratulating us" last night after they beat us by 50 or so. Another school apparently wasn't so nice and polite after the game; I'll just say that I was told "some words and hand gestures were involved".

Thanks Coach Starks. We do try to raise gentlemen who exhibit good sportsmanship.
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The continual commentary about basketball "recruiting" in high school is tired and old. It's just a fact of life now. Whining and crying about it does about as much as people that whine and cry about the way life was 50 years ago. In either case, those days are just gone. There are some big negatives to the current system imo, and I think player develop is hurt sometimes by this system. However, let's not kid ourselves and pretend every high school coach in the system before was as knowledgeable and passionate as he needed to be to help these kids succeed. I have personally witnessed talented kids get left behind because of their public high school coach. I have also been on both sides, having coached at a public high school and having coached a high powered aau team and private school.

Anyways, bottom line is this. Don't complain about it, do something about it. Start aau team, go to different school, legally persuade kids to come to your school. But don't hate on someone else for finding success in the current system. It just isn't right.
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"I think there is 11 black kids total (not fact checked, but told to me by a coach) and they are the kids on the team."

Oh no! Not black kids!
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But not impressed with a coach having a stacked team against severely over matched competition and running the score while showing zero sportsmanship.
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He whole team is recruited and transferred in and get relief from having to pay (something set up like that). I think there is 11 black kids total (not fact checked, but told to me by a coach) and they are the kids on the team.

He'll, no one is against seeing then ball, but pressisng when up 40 at the half is a duck move on ANY level.

Also, I don't think it's "liberty". I'm pretty sure it's Lafayette Christian Academy
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"To each his own, but ALL areas coaches are speaking negatively about Starks."

So, he has D1 talent and challenges his players to play they're hardest. It sounds to me like local coaches are tired of losing to this guy, so they're talking shite about him.
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The coach runs up scores and promotes this craps. He was pressing up 40 last week. He has many D1 players that were recruited to go there. They play in Christian 1A. I guess it makes him feel like it's some great achievement..

To each his own, but ALL areas coaches are speaking negatively about Starks.
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Actually coached by Brandon Starks; former ULL player I think.
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We were there ... Their coach was my son's coach his senior year. Their coach also was the star of the State Championship game in 1988 against VC (my brother in law was a senior on that team) in the PMAC.
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Are they coached by a toddler?
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