A brawl broke out Tuesday night between McDonogh 35 and Landry-Walker high schools n New Orleans. Per

New Orleans police said no one was arrested or seriously injured after a fight broke out at the end of a boys' basketball game Tuesday night (Dec. 15) between McDonogh 35 and Landry-Walker high schools.

Police intervened in the fight and stayed on the scene to disperse the crowds outside the LWHS campus in Algiers. A fan who captured the incident on video later shared it with | The Times-Picayune.
No one was arrested. You can watch video here.

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Jagd Tiger102 months
perhaps Obama could "fix" all this?


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pecanridge102 months
Thank God tearng down Lee Circle will bring peace,love and harmony to one and all. Keep fighting the good fight Mitch
user avatar
thedogman102 months
Colored me shocked
user avatar
Foolish cock102 months
Evidently, we all just cant get along.
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MNCscripper102 months
They said on the radio yesterday that 2 people were arrested
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LSUTigersVCURams102 months
So vibrant. So cultural.
user avatar
swamie102 months
That ref blowing the shite out of the whistle like it's a rape whistle.
user avatar
Eauxld Geauxld102 months
Its Bush's fault
user avatar
DoubleDown102 months
Must be all those statues opposing their hate. God forbid people act like humans.

I'll just say it, there's a certain culture within the black community that this is considered the norm and that's unacceptable. That doesn't make me a racist, it just means I'm tired of looking at story after story like this in NO, my home. Most of these same fights end up with people shot or killed.

Grow up and act like a human. For shits sake, this is a high school basketball game. None of you clowns are Lebron or MJ and never will be.
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saint amant steve102 months
Funny...I went to the Tuesday Night Brawl and a basketball game broke out.
user avatar
mkibod1102 months
Nobody screamed World Star? Booo!
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