Jalen Adams is one of the best high school basketball players in the Class of 2015. This unbelievable behind-the-back alley-oop pass from half court from Adams to one of his teammates helps prove that point. Wow...


Adams will play point guard for Connecticut next year.
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SECdragonmaster109 months
is Larry the greatest troll in interwebs history?
user avatar
theBru109 months
Hmmmm, kept waiting on him to make it one of those times, but he missed it every time he threw it up there...
user avatar
diddydirtyAubie109 months
I would poop all over you right now, Larry.
user avatar
hg109 months
Lol that was terrible
user avatar
pellietigersaint109 months
the pass was so low the player couldnt even finish the break. people unfairly give you a hard time but this is by far the most useless shite you have ever posted. Its not amazing if it isnt successful. Whats next? an amazing full court heave at the buzzer that fails to draw iron? smh.....any idiot could do that
user avatar
Thracken13109 months
Spectacular alright....Spectacularly bad
user avatar
wilceaux109 months
Is this a joke? It's a bad pass on a missed dunk. Uh, awesome.
user avatar
Dr. Shultz109 months
Bad pass. Lead to failed Alley-oop

Not impressed
user avatar
jscrims109 months
You know what would be awesome? If the guy he passed to, actually made the shot, making this an ally-oop instead of just a pass.
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