On Saturday, Ronda Rousey knocked out Bethe Correia in 34 seconds. On Sunday, she was eating hot dogs in short shorts in Rio taking in a soccer game. The life of a bad a**...

That moment when you realize life is great and you can eat all the hotdogs you want!!! Had a blast at my first ever soccer game with my family yesterday!! so cool getting a chance to watch Flamengo and Santos play live!! Thank you team Flamengo for taking such good care of us we are absolutely loving our vacation in Rio, it was an unforgettable day!!

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LSU-MNCBABY103 months
95% of the OT would destroy her
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El Es Shu103 months
Not short shorts but she looks damn good
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DrSteveBrule103 months
I have a hot dog for her
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BRgetthenet103 months
You're killing my boner Larry.
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hawgfaninc103 months
came here for the short shorts

leaving disappointed
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Signal Soldier103 months
belly button ring, trashy!
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cajunduby103 months
Those aren't short.... geez Larry.
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