Conor McGregor Training For Floyd Mayweather In His Cul-De-Sac
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports
If you don't think Conor McGregor is serious about fighting Floyd Mayweather, you my friend, are wrong. He is getting his training on in his...cul-de-sac?...Really?

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bayoumuscle2186 months
If yall don't think that this fight is just a money grabber that guaranteed Floyd a decision victory you're crazy. This is as rigged as it gets, and I'm a Conor fan. No question he is going to take the money and "loss" laughing to the bank.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy86 months
Floyd gonna exhaust this kid and make him look stupid. The hardie plank wannabe mansion is a dead giveaway that CM makes bad decisions
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Corch Urban Myers87 months
Boxers tend to wipe the floor with MMA fighters.
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Lilpickles87 months
He will knock FM Jr out....
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Balloon Huffer87 months
He will be outclassed, and the smart money is obviously on the pro boxer. BUT -- McGregor has a HUGE REACH, and an iron fist. It will only take one solid shot to end this fight. Will it happen? probably not, but it certainly could.
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reggieray42087 months
I just don't think FMJ would take this fight without being 100% certain that he'd win. He's never been one to look for a challenge.
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Strannix86 months
Mayweather hasn't been hit in years by world class boxers, let's just hope Macgregor survives.
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TigerStick87 months
I'd be surprised if he looks competitive in any round, much less win one. But I don't blame him for chasing a massive payday, especially against a guy like Mayweather that doesn't have knockout power.
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eddieray87 months
I agree. Down voted by accident
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AU4real3586 months
"Chasing a massive payday" sums it up.
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Stud Bud87 months
He better eat lightning and crap thunder!!!
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