Boxer Adrien Broner Stiffs Waitress With No Tip
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
After boxer Adrien Broner had a questionable win over Ashley Theophane in the ninth round of their super lightweight bout on Friday night, Broner went out and completely stiffed his waitress...
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Class act.
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utstnx96 months
Maybe "keisha" server on the check wasn't a good server. Just saying. I usually tip minimum even if service is bad....but still....
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DoubleDown96 months
I wouldn't have even known who Adrien Broner is if I hadn't read this article.
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TheWalrus96 months
I know servers who considered it a win if certain people just paid their bill, nevermind a tip. They would bitch about the stupidest things and try to get it for free. It pisses me off.
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SirPsychoSexy96 months
Maybe he tipped in cash and left 0 on the card tip line.
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StudentoftheGame96 months
Trash, zero class. Deserves to get curb stomped
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Jcorye196 months
How do we know the service deserved a tip?
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DownSouthCrawfish96 months
How can you be "about billions" but can't tip a server?
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Albino Potato96 months
Yeah we know black people are notorious for not tipping. Ask anyone in the restaurant bussiness. They fight over who to "not" have the black table.
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pellietigersaint96 months
this is a stereo type because you cannot apply this to an entire group of people but...........Its not racist if its true
user avatar
ellunchboxo96 months
Keisha probably sucked at her job.
user avatar
PolyPusher8696 months
Just because they are famous or millionaires, doesn't mean they can't be scumbags. Takes all kinds
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