Auburn Dean Is Adding One Second To Exam Times For Students To Celebrate Iron Bowl Win
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Auburn's Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Joe Aistrup, issued this statement before finals week asking for professors to add one extra second to their upcoming exam time...

He's referring to one second being added to the clock before the final play of the first half on Saturday.

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That :01 is going to cost Auburn fans an additional 7 years of Gus. Great things happening indeed.
Reply4 days
Honestly, when Bama wins they just celebrate and move on. When Auburn wins, they storm the field, get stuck in bushes, do shite like this from the actual Dean. This is the type shite that confirms you're little brother. Pretty bush league.
Reply6 days
Pretty cool isn't it : )
4 days
Fun huh
4 days
Well. Just when I thought Auburn couldn't possibly be any more bush league.
Reply6 days
No teams more petty than in the state between MS & GA
Reply6 days
Bama gonna Bama. That was a terrific college football game though.
Reply6 days
This is stoopid
Reply6 days
I laughed when I saw the link. Nicely done.
Reply6 days
Reply6 days
Shut. It. Down.
Reply6 days
Twice in that series putting one second back on the clock has killed Bama . LOL Last time Saban cried for the refs to put that one second up . This time he cried that they put it up .....LOL
Reply6 days
"Hey, Nick! You got a second?" Gameday sign next year.
6 days
You type LOL a lot. Surely you’re not a man?
6 days
Jesus Christ
Reply6 days
Reply6 days
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