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The Official DISNEY Tournament: PIXAR/CGI Bracket (Voting closes at Midnight)

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MrTide33 Alabama fan1882/26 10:20 pm
by LoveThatMoney

2015 TV Premiere Dates - As of 1/25/15

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WPBTiger LSU fan582/26 1:10 am
by imjustafatkid

The Americans Season 3 Thread --- 2/25

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Cosmo UNO fan1242/26 10:45 pm
by Spock's Eyebrow

Vikings S3:E2

LSU Patrick LSU fan132/26 10:43 pm
by etm512

The Green Lantern

Rougarou4lsu LSU fan52/26 10:42 pm
by Michael T. Tiger

Duck Tales Remake is coming in 2017

lsunurse LSU fan02/26 10:42 pm
by lsunurse

list your favorite underrated movies of all time

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632627 SouthernCal fan542/26 10:34 pm
by Dandy Lion

Gotham S1E17 - Red Hood

(Page 1 2 3)
WPBTiger LSU fan532/26 10:30 pm
by Bamatab

What detective would you go with - Colombo, Monk or Shawn (from Psych)?

Methuselah LSU fan72/26 10:28 pm
by Byron Bojangles III

Why did bud light stop making "real men of genius" commercials?

PeteRose LSU fan122/26 10:27 pm
by WaltTeevens

No Archer thread tonight?

udtiger LSU fan62/26 10:21 pm
by Bamatab

Atom spinoff is official (arrow spoiler in write up )

MasCervezas MissSt fan102/26 10:19 pm
by Bamatab

In the movie Draft Day, who wrote...spoiler

zeebo LSU fan62/26 10:16 pm
by Wooly

High Plains Drifter (spoilers)

Dr RC TexasAM fan102/26 9:48 pm
by SmackoverHawg

House of Cards Season 3

tiger1014 LSU fan112/26 9:43 pm
by Wooly

Nicolas Cage is a legend and has one of the best resumes in the last 30 years

(Page 1 2 3 4 5)
Bench McElroy982/26 9:38 pm
by Spunky

Psych Series Finale Question

KingofthePoint LSU fan02/26 9:37 pm
by KingofthePoint

Jack Ryan movies

(Page 1 2)
dallastiger55 LSU fan212/26 9:36 pm
by Oenophile Brah

Best Sherlock Holmes Movie....Young Sherlock Holmes (Spielberg)

mizzoukills102/26 9:26 pm
by DanglingFury

Sherlock Holmes

Dunk47 Saints fan92/26 9:05 pm
by johnnydrama

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