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2015 TV Premiere Dates

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WPBTiger USA fan4312/27 1:21 am

AHS: Coven was just awful

The Pirate King Pelicans fan212/27 6:10 pm
by ipodking

Movies That Are Better Than The Books

(Page 1 2 3 4)
LuckyTiger LSU fan6912/27 6:10 pm
by VolsMissthe90s

What movie is this?

RBWilliams8 LSU fan312/27 6:10 pm
by Murray

Hardest death to watch on The Wire (Spoilers obviously)

(Page 1 2)
BluegrassBelle Kentucky fan2912/27 6:09 pm
by RBWilliams8


dcrews UNO fan1412/27 6:03 pm
by Byron Bojangles III

Lockup fans: where are the best/worst places to be incarcerated?

Jim Rockford LSU fan112/27 6:00 pm
by jefforize

Django Unchained

(Page 1 2)
dallastiger55 LSU fan2012/27 5:53 pm
by Marciano1

TV show intro song Van Halens Right Now

fouldeliverer LSU fan012/27 5:53 pm
by fouldeliverer

Finally got around to watching the Amazing Spider Man 2

RLDSC FAN SouthernCal fan312/27 5:49 pm
by BilJ

Ironic scenes in movies/tv shows

CaptainPanic USoA fan612/27 5:38 pm
by NIH

The Official Dragonball Discussion.

(Page 1 2 3 ... 230 231 232)
Modern FloridaState fan462612/27 5:35 pm
by Korin

Observation about "The Wire" I never thought of before - SPOILERS

Tiger1242 LSU fan312/27 5:31 pm
by Korin

It is morally OK to torrent The Interiew

Pectus Saints fan1112/27 5:30 pm
by SundayFunday

Hottest Bond Girl?

(Page 1 2 3)
theantiquetiger LSU fan4712/27 5:07 pm
by Sho Nuff

Watched Gone Girl last night. Question. (Spoilers)

Scoop LSU fan1512/27 4:55 pm
by Fusaichi Pegasus

Boards thoughts on Apollo 13?

Wishnitwas1998 Tennessee fan1812/27 4:50 pm
by chinese58

Crackpot ASOIAF Theories SPOILERS

(Page 1 2 3 ... 909 910 911)
CottonWasKing LSU fan1821712/27 4:42 pm
by TigerintheNO

Called DirecTV and got 3 months of HBO for free.

AlbertMeansWell Alabama fan612/27 4:31 pm
by AlbertMeansWell

How Did DiCaprio Not Win Best Actor For His Performance in The Aviator?

Poncho Army fan1312/27 4:27 pm
by johnnydrama

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