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The Official DISNEY Tournament: Classics Bracket (Voting Open!)

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MrTide33 Alabama fan1032/27 10:45 pm
by Scoob

DISNEY Tournament Master Thread

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MrTide33 Alabama fan1962/27 5:13 pm
by Marciano1

2015 TV Premiere Dates - As of 1/25/15

(Page 1 2 3)
WPBTiger LSU fan582/26 1:10 am
by imjustafatkid

Things that have disturbed you in movies

JumpingTheShark Saints fan112/27 11:53 pm

House of Cards: Season Three, Episode 4 (SPOILERS)

FT GATech fan102/27 11:50 pm
by wildtigercat93

"Fantasy Life" - Pilot order for half-hour fantasy sports comedy.

FanInLA LSU fan52/27 11:46 pm
by FanInLA

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83

(Page 1 2 3 4)
WeBleedCrimson Saints fan642/27 11:32 pm
by Darkknight

Disney's Frozen meets John Carpenter's The Thing in gory claymation mashup

ipodking LSU fan02/27 11:29 pm
by ipodking

Partridge Family Women vs. Brady Bunch Women

Nativebullet LSU fan42/27 11:12 pm
by chinese58

The Summit on Netflix

Wooly Washington fan22/27 11:08 pm
by pacman1984

House of Cards Season 3

(Page 1 2 3)
tiger1014 LSU fan542/27 11:07 pm
by PBnJ

Lamest villains/super heroes

LittleJerrySeinfield Alabama fan142/27 11:00 pm
by LittleJerrySeinfield

CITIZENFOUR premieres on HBO tonight at 8\9pm

(Page 1 2 3 4)
JBeam LSU fan762/27 10:52 pm
by Tiger Ryno

HBO doc on Edward Snowden

Tiger Ryno USA fan82/27 10:48 pm
by Tiger Ryno

Best Sherlock Holmes Movie....Young Sherlock Holmes (Spielberg)

mizzoukills152/27 10:44 pm
by Overbrook

adventure Time Movie in the works

BCLA USA fan02/27 10:33 pm


ChewyDante Saints fan32/27 10:33 pm
by ChewyDante

Atom spinoff is official (arrow spoiler in write up )

(Page 1 2)
MasCervezas MissSt fan242/27 10:33 pm
by CGSC Lobotomy

Congo (1995)

(Page 1 2)
SW2SCLA LSU fan352/27 10:28 pm
by Thurber

30 rock or Modern Family

nes2010 USoA fan162/27 10:17 pm
by drizztiger

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