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re: Texas - Trump Derangement Syndrome leads to police charges against city council member - Southof10Tiger
This happened in my neighborhood. There is now a petition going around trying to recall her. The entire incident is so strange. Personally, regardless of anyone's political beliefs and affiliations, I would hope adults know that it is in very poor taste and disturbing to yell vulgarities at te...
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re: Tell me about Billings, Montana - Southof10Tiger
The pic at the top is a nice view of Hidden Lake up by Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. I have one similar from when we went fishing in Montana last year. I hope you make it up there some day. You won't be disappointed....
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re: Got a potential job offer in Wichita. Tell me about the city...pros/cons - Southof10Tiger
I've been living in McPherson, KS about 50 miles north of Wichita for the past year working on a project. Been to Wichita frequently while I've been up here. It's basically a slightly bigger version of Baton Rouge or Mobile, Al with less crime. There is about the same amount of stuff to do in W...
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re: For the Tiger fans who graduated HIGH SCHOOL in the 90's... - Southof10Tiger
Offense: Josh Reed Defense: Tory James...
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