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re: Hypothetical Question about Alabama and the Tuscaloosa PD - Boknows1987
The players all go on ride alongs with the local PD. They take photos with them and it helps make problems go away....
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re: Marcus Davis deserves to be talked about more than he has been. - Boknows1987
Davis has played how I thought Trovon Reed was going to....
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re: Read Option - Boknows1987
Marshall is making the read. There is no way Gus is calling it before hand. Also, as others have said, FSU blitzed from the read side to funnel everything up the middle. If Nick was a little better passer we could have ran double slants to that side and made them stay at home. Cant reme...
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re: And so it begins... Spain Park coach to AU - Boknows1987
I was a senior that year. As stated before he runs the Leach system. Our QB broke the state record for attempts. ...
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