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re: How did we beat A&M?? - AtlantaGaAggie
2 big things were the reason. 1. You had the fastest D we faced all season and could track Johnny down. 2. You were the most disciplined D we faced. NOBODY else stayed in their lanes like you did. You see all these other great defenses and eventually someone tries to come inside and Johnny br...
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re: Bama is gonna shred A&M and here is why. - AtlantaGaAggie
I think we have a shot if we can get our offense going. This seems obvious but our O can get into a rhythm and that rhythm feeds off itself. We'll need a lot of short quick passes and then some decent runs to keep the chains moving. In watching the LSU/Bama game, Bama's D really appeared ti...
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re: Sorry aggies - AtlantaGaAggie
Agreed on Katrina and Bonfire being off limits. Whenever we have seen a hint of someone saying something about Katrina, they have been flamed repeatedly. LSU is my second favorite school and the fans are great. I look forward to crashing some tailgating parties because the food is the best. ...
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