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Wont ever happen,ND not about to share all there money with no one....
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Playoff for college football and my take - GESIPATIGER
This is my take on the playoff and why we wont never see one. First and this is my opinion so lets not get to hostile. Notre dame is an independent wil not join a league. And why should they.Would you wont to get up the CBS money and share with anyone. No they only have to win what 9 games to be abl...
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re: Stars is everything and nothing - GESIPATIGER
And USC is the exception to the rule almost all 4 and 5 star recruts and they still cant seem to get to the BCS championship.Without some help from the media....
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re: Most dominating bowl performance so far - GESIPATIGER
Well if anyone watch the usc penn st game and had to listen to Brent furburger wonting to have usc jump Texas and Bama to play the the winner of the BCS game it was sicking.Its this way every year.USC always left out boo hoo...
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