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re: Contractor invoice 1 year later - tbrud
Over 1year you do not have to pay. However what kind of a person are you morally? Can you sleep at night knowing you owe someone for a job done? ...
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re: debate this fb status. - tbrud
listen dumb A_S. Do you have a job? Or does your baby daddy pay your way. As an employer and a small business owner, you my dear are feeding on BS. Take a look around, what do you actually see. Because all the shite you are saying is bullshitee. It will and is now very though to keep the doors open, ...
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re: Explain the Pom Poms at SEC games - tbrud
Because it is gay for a man to shake a frisking "Pom Pom" and to call them "shakers" is more gay!...
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re: Question about the direction of Tiger football - tbrud
Dude why don't you give up your Tiger Fan card and go cheer on the PAC 10 or better yet take up water polo! Look up Les Miles stats as an LSU coach knucklhead....
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