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re: 1st amendment auditors

Posted by MissNebraska on 2/22/24 at 12:41 pm
We live in a privileged society when people are afraid of cameras....
Watch your backs boys. [quote]A rare catch of a great white shark documented and posted to YouTube is likely the first time the species has been caught from a beach in Alabama, a leading shark researcher says. J. Marcus Drymon, assistant extension professor at Mississippi State University and ...
[quote]stand in circles at a grocery store[/quote] Where was that? :lol: I shopped a bunch of places and never stood in a damn circle. I never remember even being asked to social distance. Some places asked you to wear a mask but it seemed fairly lax. Baws be wearing it on their chins and paper t...
I live in AZ. Grand Canyon University is like the University of Phoenix 2.0 . They receive notoriety for offering easy online degrees. They are decent in baseball because anyone can get in. Similar to a community college. Sammy Sosa would have a 4.0 GPA there. ...