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re: Desantis opens bars and restaurants - Bob Johnson
[quote]Local governments cannot collect and fines or fees on individuals, and that includes to enforce a mask mandate.[/quote] [link=(http://www.northescambia.com/2020/09/florida-reopens-phase-3-desantis-lifts-restrictions-on-restaurants-other-businesses)]NorthEscambia.com[/link]...
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re: I10 East Pensacola - Bob Johnson
Clear sailing along I10 through entire panhandle. The only bridge closing is 3 mile bridge over bay to Pcola beach. I live here in Pcola so this is 1st hand knowledge. Most beach establishments are closed in Pcola and Navarre but wide open east of there....
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re: Need some medical advice, Doctors, nurses and other medical semi-pros of the OT - Bob Johnson
I will give you some free professional advice. [quote]Ring, middle, index and thumb in both hands[/quote] This is the nerve distribution of the median nerve, not the ulnar nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Apply ice to the anterior wrist, obtain “cock up” wrist splints or “carpal tunnel” ...
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re: West Coast Gulf Beaches-vs- Alabama/Florida Panhandle - Bob Johnson
There is a "Trump" boat parade in the ICW 9/5/20, gonna be a blast. Staging and parade based around Juana's in Navarre. Technically this will be to break the Guiness world record. Expecting around 2500 vessels. My wife and I are signed up. There will be people coming in from all over the panhand...
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