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2 South Zone Season Tickets (2020 Alabama Season Tickets) for Sale - Hungry0674
I'm selling my 2 South Zone Season Tickets. SZ-4, Seats 6-7. I've had these seats since the South Zone opened in Bryant-Denny (original seat holder). We will not be able to use them this coming season. We'll also let all of the away game tickets we are offered from UA go as well. Let me know if you’...
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re: Lets Talk About the Running Game this Year - Hungry0674
Robinson is more like Glen Coffee in running style...
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re: Worst and Best SEC Colors and/or Uniforms - Hungry0674
Bama’s all white uniform is tops and anything Missouri or South Carolina is the worst. I also dont get the love for AU’s uniform. ...
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re: Tagovailoa's dad... helicopter parent? - Hungry0674
He’s a great father and produced to top notch kids that committed to Alabama. Ill allow it. Helicopter or not, its their culture and it works. ...
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re: Interesting interview with Saban re: leaving early - Hungry0674
Saban prolly should not have gotten specific but it was necessary in this case to drive the point home. Saban’s entire process is aimed at taking gambling and happenstance out of the equation and making decisions based on history and league generated data. Ronnie chose to gamble on making it to his ...
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re: 2020 FB Recruiting & Roster - Hungry0674
I thought the same thing. I hate comparisons with pro players but he looks like Gronk and Gates. He blocks well and can split out wide to create obvious mismatches. I hadnt watched him before but he’s an excellent prospect. ...
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re: Class of 2019 Recruiting MEGATHREAD: That's a Wrap Edition - Hungry0674
Bogle not being contacted yet is crazy but also shows he’s not a position of need. We have plenty of edge guys in the pipeline. We’ll be fine either way. To’oto’to is the much bigger need and with Mack leaving that helps us. If we lose him we’ll still be fine. ...
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re: Sark to Bama - Hungry0674
Chip gets us an extra set of eyes and a guy that knows Clemson....
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re: Former 5* DT Aubrey Solomon transferring to VOLS - Hungry0674
Pruitt is cleaning up. He’s a closer...
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