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Jacoby Stevens

Posted by deathvalley7 on 9/5/17 at 6:57 pm
17 freshman play and our only 5 star doesn't see the field... Anyone know why ...

Tyron Johnson

Posted by deathvalley7 on 5/2/17 at 8:40 pm
Wish we still had this kid with Canada as OC. He was fun to watch as a Freshman and showed a lot of potential Excited to see him evolve with Rudolph throwing to him at Oklahoma State!...

re: Dammit We Are LSU

Posted by deathvalley7 on 11/1/16 at 12:48 pm
fuch yeah...

Guice shouldn't be returning kicks

Posted by deathvalley7 on 9/20/16 at 7:33 pm
He doesn't have enough break out speed he will never return a kick for 6! Put Donte Jackson back there.. Just think about how deadly this would be.. Donte returning kicks and white returning punts. We could be averaging a return a game with that combo ...

Donte Jackson's role in 2016 season

Posted by deathvalley7 on 6/14/16 at 3:33 pm
Will Donte have a key role in the football team next year? He has unlimited potential. With NFL speed, tremendous athletic ability and skill there's no reason he shouldn't get a lot of playing time next season. He has star power and can be a game changer in big time games. I say cut him loose...