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re: 2019 2* ATH Josh Williams commits to LSU (as a PWO) - ElDiablo
He has an offer from U of H. He has been hurt most of high school, but game changer when he is healthy. ...
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re: Anybody else getting out of Louisiana this year? - ElDiablo
The public schools in Houston are only good in memorial, bellaire, and The Woodlands. Dallas is good in Highland Park. San Antonio good in Alamo Heights. All of those areas are crazy expensive. Also private school in Texas will hit you about 25K a year per kid...
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re: TigerDroppings.com & SECrant.com combine for nearly 90 million hits in November - ElDiablo
[quote]All posters should get a gift basket on their 10 yar anniversary[/quote] 5 years late man...
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