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re: Most unlikely place you have received a "Geaux Tigers" - Midnightgolfer
Bosie, Idaho and at ground zero In New York :usa:...
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re: Charles Barkley mad about Auburn hire, is he right? - Midnightgolfer
[quote]There is NO way anyone can objectively look at Gill vs Chizik and not see Gill has been a better head coach than Chizik. [/quote] :cheers: that is true, gill was the person for the job He would have stole some recruits from bama where Chizik won't...
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re: list of starting qbs from 80 to brees - Midnightgolfer
[quote]Not with Carl Smith as OC.[/quote]Thank you Carl Smith was the worst OC in the history of the NFL...
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