So what is the margin between the USA Women's Basketball team and other countries? Well, the Spanish Women’s Olympic basketball team doesn't really believe in inbounding the ball...
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chalmetteowl95 months
Coach Lamar must be doing work there...
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CajunTiger_22595 months
Y'all way too often have typos in the titles. Professional.
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airfernando95 months
People using "y'all" have no standing to point out typos.
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beantown95 months
"y'all" is good english.
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MemberSince200395 months
Airfernando, "y'all" is in the dictionary as a perfectly acceptable contraction for "you all." Perhaps you were thinking of "ain't," and were in too much of a hurry to be a dick that you didn't (another acceptable contraction) catch the oversight. That ain't cool.
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theBru95 months
Must not do much practice...guess Iverson is their coach...
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Big Sway95 months
I like tacos too!
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JohnnyRebel95 months
Usted tiene que pasar la bola en, perra tonta, ahora va me hace un taco.
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