A truck crashed into a Waffle House in Nashville, TN around 3:45 AM Thursday morning. The driver was charged with a DUI. But when the WKRN 2 News crew cut to the driver in the back of the police car, he was wearing an Alabama script A hat. You watch video here. But here are some shots of the crash...

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Lsu fans, poor people..
Reply43 months
It's ALL they have. Leave the Gumps alone, without Abalama football the whole state is a redneck vacuum. The food is shit, the people boring and dull, the women are drooling morons covered in acres of cellulite. The left turn on blacktop track is their intellectual pinnacle.
Reply44 months
Must have been trying to kill Gus.
Reply44 months
18 wheeler carrying corndogs crashes, and all hell breaks loose on this board.
Pickup crashes into a waffle house and these gumps are nowhere to be found, smh.
Reply44 months
Double down . We did beat them on their field . Went undeafeated , you know the story, bama gets a mulligan and a team that didn't even win their division gets to play for the NC
Reply44 months
beating Bama on the field doesn't prove anything. They cry till they get their mulligan. Just like they do on a LSU fan board!
Reply44 months
Step 1: Type in secrant.com in web browser
Step 2: Look at 2nd link on far right and see a sad story about LSU fans trying to make fun of bama fans.

Please re-read step 1 over and over until you guys get it. I don't care if it started out as tigerdroppings.com or not. Keep your sad stories/wanna be jokes inside the LSU craptastic forum.
Reply44 months
Could possibly be because this is the SECRant and we enjoy reading about other SEC teams - even LSU - because, hey - it's the off-season.
Reply44 months
"Why/How Bama fans venture on to an LSU fan board is what boggles me.."

Yeah it is funny as Hell that a LSU website has so many Bama fans on it. Then Bama fans wonder why we make fun of them.
Reply44 months
Wow. Great sports story Larrry Leo.
Reply44 months
Why/How Bama fans venture on to an LSU fan board is what boggles me...
Reply44 months
Another great article by Larry Leo.
Reply44 months
DoubleDown vote.
Reply44 months
LSU fans stop at nothing to try and make a wise crack at 'bama fans, huh? Kinda just getting ... boring.

Try beating 'bama on the field.
Reply44 months
"I asked if they delivered to my wife/sisters trailer park, and they said no, so I went down to Waffle House to show them how I felt bout that."
Reply44 months
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