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Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas

Staying here from Friday to Monday for LSU USC football over Labor Day weekend 2024

Sports book? Location? Pool? Restaurants? Quality?

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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
Sportsbook is fine, nothing special, decent place to sit and watch a game.

Location is pretty good, a bit down from center strip but most places around are walkable.

Multiple pools with lots of people around

Quality is decent, there’s better out there but it’s comfortably mid to upper-mid tier

Monorail is a good way to get to other places
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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
Coolist and Travel Ruby will tell you everything you want to know:

Coolist MGM Grand

Travel Ruby

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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
My company always put us in the MGM Signature that has a mile of moving sidewalks to the Grand. I literally spent 5 weeks there in 2019 alone.

Good restaurants. Basic food court, too.
Casino is ok, but I don’t really gamble so I’m mostly basic in that area. They have David Copperfield, comedy club and often have other live events.

It’s at the ass-end of the strip, so the monorail will be pretty much required but easy.

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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
I have stayed there before, including about three weeks after it opened.
I enjoyed it. The hotel is nice enough but I don’t like the location at that end of the strip. I would much rather stay in the vicinity of Caesar’s Palace.

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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
Signature Condos on property are better deal

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re: Tell me about MGM Grand in Vegas
Right now with the F1 race coming in I understand Vegas is really not that great right now. Also the culinary union is about to go on strike. There is a really good influencer ( I know, but she is really good) on Vegas that will key you in to some great places for food and entertainment. Vegasstarfish is her name and she has some great stuff.

The Casino at the MGM is actually pretty good. Good crowds and lots of tables. If you play craps do it around 5pm. All the more knowledgable and big players are at the table so it is a better game. Playing at night is for the drunks and amateurs. Same with blackjack.

Never been to the pool, but I have seen it from the monorail and it looks great. The food in the place is good, lots of choices. KA is a great show if you have the time. Overall, it is in a good location so it is easy to get to other properties if you need to.
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