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Canadian exchange rate?
Should I exchange on my way and pay for everything in cash or do I just put everything on amex and let them do it?
I’m a newbie at this
Thanks in advance

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re: Canadian exchange rate?
Just pay with your card and it converts it for you.

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re: Canadian exchange rate?

Just pay with your card and it converts it for you.

I do this with my Chase card whenever I’m in Toronto. Makes everything so easy.

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re: Canadian exchange rate?
Use Amex, they won’t charge you foreign transaction fees. I’ve been working here in Calgary since Feb and Amex is super easy to deal with. However some of the smaller restaurants don’t take Amex, so have a backup.

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re: Canadian exchange rate?
Traveling to any western style foreign country (Canada, Europe, australia) and most of asia, the best thing is to get some pocket cash from an ATM when you land at airport. you will get a better exchange rate than getting cash from a bank back home. Do make sure you alert your bank and CC Company you will be traveling to another country. Then use your CC when convenient for purchases as long as you CC doesn't charge foreign exchange fees. My sapphire reserve visa form Chase is what I use. ALSO, BE CaREFUL....some places when they run your card will give you the option to pay in US dollars rather than the local currency. refuse this. IF you choose US dollars, the merchant is choosing the exchange rate which is always shitty. When you choose the local currency, your CC Company is setting the exchange rate which is always the best rate available and is pretty much what the actual market traded rate is that day.
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