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re: 10 year to Europe

Sorry you've got no-fun oldsters in your famiglia/famille.

Its not really that, its my grandparents were in the restaurant business. They expect good service. They suck to eat anywhere frankly, always picky about stuff. They are good people, and admit to being pains while eating out.

Things like no water, paying for water. Paying for a refill. Taking 2.5 hours to eat a meal, etc. That's just not the forte for the average 70 year old american.

Its not just them though, snowbirds in Florida are notoriously horrible tourists. Very cheap and expect the world for a nickel. I'm simply saying, a tour group catering to retirees is going to be just that, catered to retirees.
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re: 10 year to Europe
In short like the others have said, you can do it on your own without a tour group, especially at your age. has a wealth of expertise

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re: 10 year to Europe

To me, that tour looks like unmitigated misery. Being herded from place to place, with no quality time for a real experience, constantly surrounded by people and the entire schedule being controlled by someone else. No way on earth I'd spend my money on a prison-trip. (But hey, you may feel differently. Just my opinion.)

Pick a city, or two. Go there, enjoy the place at a civilized pace and in a way customized for your personal likes/dislikes. In 12 days, you could do London & Paris quite nicely, without being rushed, harried, or forced to see the pictures of Mildred's grandchildren or Dave's restored motorcycles.

Fly into London....stay a while. Do a side trip or two out of the city if you like. Take the Eurostar to Paris, and stay a while. Side trip to Riems, or into Normandy. Fly home from Paris. Actually enjoy a place, rather than just looking briefly at a place simply to say you've been there.

could not agree more

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