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re: Wireless Access Point Question
The u6 lites I can get 200-400mbps on newer Wi-Fi devices. At my office we have 15,000sq/ft with I believe 4 access points inside and then 2 of the outdoor panel style AP’s to cover the rest of our 4 acres. I believe we’re using the AC pro models there. I let our IT guy spec everything there so I’m not as dialed in on the specs. The outdoor AP’s are great. It’s a metal building so signal doesn’t pass out from the inside well and cell signal is terrible inside.

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re: Wireless Access Point Question

I’m still trying to convince my wife to let me put my above-cabinet one in the ceiling.

I've cut sheetrock in dozens of places, and repaired sheetrock in dozens more places, and my wife still has to leave the room when I'm making a new hole in something.

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