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TV Volume Goes Up By Itself
About once every hour or so, my TV will randomly jump the volume up to 50 (on a 0-100 scale) by itself. We typically keep it around 10 to 15, so it gets pretty annoying having to deal with it that often. It's a Hisense TV and only about half-a-year old. Haven't had any issues with it until this past week. Has anybody else experienced issues like this or know what a quick fix could be?

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re: TV Volume Goes Up By Itself
Congrats on the ghosts.

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re: TV Volume Goes Up By Itself
Remote is in your couch

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re: TV Volume Goes Up By Itself
Do you have an a-hole neighbor? I use to screw with mine by doing that or turning off his TV or changing the channel. He had this big arse window with no blinds where you could see his TV from the front of the house. Me and another neighbor would screw with him every chance we got , I am not sure he ever knew it was us. We laughed our arse off at him checking it all the time.

He deserved it.
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re: TV Volume Goes Up By Itself
Might be in demo mode.

Run the setup again and see if it asks you if its for a display or a store or something like that.

Lots of TV's have demo modes that will essentially reset the settings after some much time has gone by. This keeps people from jacking with the retail displays and making them look good or bad.

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re: TV Volume Goes Up By Itself

It's a Hisense TV

There's your problem.

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