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TCL Sound Issue
I googled searched and it seems several people have had similar issues to what I'm experiencing, but never really found a solution. Was wondering g if anyone else has run into it.

It only happens with mine in The Netflix app, and the sound will just cut out. Picture works fine, but the remote also lavs really bad when it happens. My sound bar died a few months ago so I've just been using the TV speakers. It hasn't happened with any other apps, and it's not a WiFi issue as it doesn't impact any other devices when it happens. I messed around with the sound settings and it didn't help. Unplugged the TV and plugged it back in, and that helped for a few days. HBOGo works fine, DirecTV Now works fine, YiuTube works fine, etc. It's only Netflix. I even tried casting to my Chromecast hooked up to the TV and it did it. Has never done that on the Chromecast hooked up to my other TVs.

Any ideas?

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re: TCL Sound Issue
Educated guess here. Roku recently updated their software to support the new speakers for the TCL sets. They are a pair of wireless speakers that look a lot like Sonos play:1 but only work with TCL Roku TVs.

The update is obviously geared toward how audio is delivered. It seems that there might still be a few buggy issues here and there.

On a side note, the new speakers sound pretty good. I personally don’t think they are worth the price Roku is asking but they are decent and seem to be solidly built. The downside to me is that they only work via the Roku software. They have introduced voice command and the speakers don’t require the display to be on to play streaming music. But it’s still a niche product and I have my doubts about the long-term viability.

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