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Media box with hard drive for kids.
I originally bought a couple of amazon fire tvs with the option to add storage. I thought they would allow me down load movies I own instead of streaming. However, I can’t see where that is an option. My 6 and 2 year old watch 6-8 movies in general and I am basically streaming them each time they watch them. The last couple of months we have been killing our data from cox. I am looking for something would let me download the movies to them and let it play from there. We have streamed PETS, Minnions and Cars a million times.

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re: Media box with hard drive for kids.
Sounds like someone needs a plex server

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re: Media box with hard drive for kids.
I store movies, songs and photos on an external USB hard drive.

I have the USB HD plugged into a USB port on my home router and have uPNP enabled on the router's USB port.

I'm able to access the media from any client on my home network that supports uPNP.

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re: Media box with hard drive for kids.
Plex is definitely what you need along with a plex pass

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re: Media box with hard drive for kids.
Plex is probably the way to go. Not sure what the actual cheapest hardware solution to run it would be. Maybe a raspberry pi. With a big enough SD card you could maybe run everything off that. A USB stick to store the movies would be another way to do it.

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