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The advent of Equity & Inclusion (Diversity) Executives in Corporate America
Does anyone else see these positions as a way to politicize corporate business both nationally and globally? The advent of Equity & Diversity or Equity & Inclusion Policies and Procedures has slammed the breaks on publicly traded companies and some privately held companies with highly visible Board of Directors.

These positions can achieve subversive political gain at the private level. I'm not sure any party other than the Democratic Party can rise above this new trend in corporate in the US or globally in other nations where nationalism tends to grow.

These corporate positions will be used until they are no longer useful and then what will the end result be when these positions lead to movements that are uncontrollable or when they lead to massive backlash causing a nationalism that isn't anti-Globalism but rather generates a religious/racial/ethnic civil war.

Political and wealthy elite can use these positions to influence sports, medicine, law, education, finance, manufacturing, etc without much backlash as people will fear being labeled as having white supremacist tendencies or harboring non-conforming beliefs. Thus any backlash or resistance will be futile because those people will see others who fired or arrested for harboring or protesting any opinions that go against the grain.

It was a brilliant move to use these positions to create a narrative and push an agenda short-term but long-term one has to really worry about the ramifications to a once fairly united America.

Tigerdroppings and other public internet forums will be shut down in the very near future because ISP Providers will use their diversity & inclusion policies and procedures to stifle any potential outlet they believe "promotes" undermines their objective of information control.

For the first time I'm extremely concerned about the future not just for the United States but for all other countries where speech has been protected. Perhaps the Russian defector was correct the way to bring down the US is by subversive creating divisions in the fabric of the country.

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re: The advent of Equity & Inclusion (Diversity) Executives in Corporate America

Great stuff here at “New Discourses.”

I wholeheartedly recommend the 3-part YouTube documentary on Evergreen college.

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