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Smoked Sausage Seasoning?
Anyone have a tried and true smoked sausage seasoning? I make my sausage and smoke it myself, and have used LEGGS, VERON's, and VINES. Looking for something a new. Thanks.
Guess I should have put in F&D board, but I know you outdoorsmen do some sausage making.
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re: Smoked Sausage Seasoning?
My dad swears by Leggs, but I've gotten away from it in recent years. It's kinda salty.

I've tried Verons and Vines too, can't say I have a preference between those.

What I started doing lately was buying a couple packs and mixing them. As in, last year I bought a pack that makes 25lbs of green onion, then a pack to make 25lbs of "cajun" sausage, then made 75 lbs of sausage with those. I had to add some seasoning of my own to make up the difference. I like mixing it up, frying a little "test patty" in a skillet to see what it tastes like, then modifying the seasoning accordingly. Of course, I like to take my time and drink a couple boxes of beer over the course of grinding, mixing, stuffing, and smoking sausage. The stuff I bought last year was good. I also made 40lbs of patty sausage with their "maple sugar breakfast blend." I can't remember the name, but I remember it was made in Metarie.

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