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Sawyer Permerthrin for Bow Hunting -
Has anyone used this for spraying there closes down prior to hunting or other outdoor related things.

The mosquitoes are going to horrible this year where I will be hunting due to Harvey from all the reports I am seeing and hearing.

I have a thermo cell but was looking to increase my protection.

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re: Sawyer Permerthrin for Bow Hunting -
I treat my clothes with it, really can't speak to its effectiveness on mosquitos.

Good friend said without a doubt it works on ticks from his experience in a tick infested KS hunt.

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re: Sawyer Permerthrin for Bow Hunting -
Never go into the deep woods without my clothes treated with it. After a deer hunting trek that found my waistline covered with about 20 ticks I'm pretty paranoid about those little a-holes.

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Manchac Man
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re: Sawyer Permerthrin for Bow Hunting -
Buy the concentrate from tractor supply and also buy a spray bottle. Much much cheaper and will last longer.

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re: Sawyer Permerthrin for Bow Hunting -
It's great stuff for ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes. But it won't keep skeeters from buzzing you to death or keep them from biting you on your face, neck, or hands.

I went scouting a couple weeks back at Clear Creek and the mosquitoes just about drove me out of the woods and they weren't even biting me. Seemed like millions of the little demons were just constantly buzzing around my head.

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